Complete Bonfiglioli gearboxes or parts of replacements for machinery:
Belotti, CVS Ferrari, Benati, Fantuzzi, Linde, Manotti, MHC, Sany and Taylor.
Complete gearboxes and
Transmital-Bonfiglioli replacement parts.
A wide range to serve important brands like Belotti, CVS Ferrari, Fantuzzi, Taylor, Svetruck…
Imolaparts is specialized in distributing the following TRANSMITAL-DRIVE BONFIGLIOLI gearmotors: gearboxes for the translation of crawler, excavators, miniexcavators (700C series…) and mobile machine. Rotation gearboxes used in the tUrrets of industrial machinery and also in the steackers of the port lift truck (700T series…).
Not only does Imolapart provide the new gearmotor, but also furnishes all the TRASMITAL-BONFIGLIOLI replacements.

We only deal with original TRASMITAL-BONFIGLIOLI replacements.